FMX 2013 - Crowdfunding

Date: 26.Apr 2013 | Reading Time: 1 minute, 9 seconds

Phil Tippett had a dream. “Mad God” a film that he wanted to make, but for a variety of reasons got put on hold around the time of Jurassic Park.

The Problem

Lack of money. Simple as that. To get it you used to ask friends, family and people foolish enough to invest In your little project. That lead to a lot of concession being made. Giving the rights to creative input away to investors, having investors kids in the movie, etc.

A Possible Solution - Crowdfunding

Mad God got funding via Kickstarter and Corey talked us through what he has learned.

  • Make your objective clear
    If you cannot define your product, then people have no concept of what they are buying into.
  • Make your pitch personal
  • Don’t come off as aloof. If people sense that you don’t need/want their money, they’ll take it elsewhere.
  • Set a realistic budget
    • As in make a spreadsheet and plan things
    • Limit your reward costs
  • Make your project accessible to backers at all levels
  • Let the project reflect you and your idea
  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • Treat your campaign as a campaign
    • Advertise via social networks like Facebook, Twitter,, LinkedIn
    • Get people that are influencers to push your project to their followers/readers
    • Write frequent updates during the campaign
    • Ride the wave of spikes and plateaus
  • Treat your backers with respect