FMX 2013 - Panel Discussion on the Future of the VFX Industry

Date: 23.Apr 2013 | Reading Time: 1 minute, 12 seconds

Not too much to record for this one. It was mostly company heads trying to weasel their way out of loaded questions by the audience and discussion chair Eric Roth. Things like “Do you think a VFX union is a solution to the problems?” “…”

It was interesting to see the panel stammer around the issue. But mostly it was sad that they still don’t see that they are a part of the issue. Companies not standing up and showing some balls.

Example: Pixomondo’s Chris Vogt agreeing that tax incentives are part of the issue, while not disclaiming that Pixomondo is pushing for tax credits here in the Stuttgart area. In fact, the papers are about to be signed within a month.

One of the last questions was good: “If you had 30 million, would you invest it in VFX today?” (After every panelist confirmed that they are feeling positive about the future of the industry.)
Not one would use the money to open a VFX company. Very telling. :)
Some suggested to invest it in a film fund.

Also, “why do you keep working on a fixed cost model? That’s insane.”
A (summarized): “We are no businessmen and also passionate. So it’s mostly our fault, but it’s likely not going to change since our clients won’t go for a cost plus model.”


Subtitle: Panel with Eric Roth (VES), Pierre Buffin (BUF Compagnie), Mark Driscoll (LOOK Effects), Christian Vogt (PIXOMONDO), Jean-Noël Portugal (jnko)