Behold - I Give You Messiah for Mac OS X

Date: 29.Jul 2006 | Reading Time: 2 minutes, 0 second

Yes, you understood it correctly. Messiah is able to run on the new Intel Macs. And I am not talking about BootCamp here fellows. I am talking about not having to restart your Mac to run Messiah. Being able to check mail or work in your favourite Mac application and simultaneously running the 3D character animation software Messiah. Don’t believe me? Here is the proof:

Messiah running inside Mac OS X

What you see on the above image is Messiah running on an emulated Windows environment called Parallels Workstation. Take a look at the FPS counter in the perspective view of Messiah. It runs realtime and blazingly fast!! I nearly died of excitement yesterday seeing this. Everything looks great and fast and… I am getting goose bumps again.

It runs perfect from a performance point of view as far as I can tell. Unfortunately my PC just died and I have no real test scenes available. So if someone has a nice and heavy scene for me to test on the virtualized Messiah - please be my guest. I’d love to test it out further.

One downside exists, however. The mouse input seems kind of broken. Whenever I try to change values by dragging (a slider in the properties tabs, the edit sphere, the perspective view) Messiah only adds the numbers in one direction. Meaning, when I increase the x translate and then drag in the other direction to decrease it, the value doesn’t decrease but just increases further. This could be a real show stopper, if it stays unresolved.
But I am sure some smart guy out there finds a solution.

Update: Check out my screen capture of Messiah running under OS X.

Following are comments from the old blog

torncanvas Says:

How did you get your hands on an accelerated version of Parallels? Or is it accelerated? What is going on here?

AlexK Says:

No, this version is not accelerated. It is the same 15 day trial you can download for yourself torncanvas. No tricks, no bells and whistles. I didn’t even install any Windows update. This is just a plain Service Pack 1 install. Nothing more -except the parallels graphics driver of course, which allows to use resolutions higher then 800×600.