UPDATED: Musicvideo “Var Minut” by Emilia Finished and Online

Date: 23.Nov 2006 | Reading Time: 1 minute, 13 seconds

Remember Emilia? She did this song called “Big Big World” about 7 years ago:

Guess what? She is back, with her new song “Var Minut”, which means “Every Minute” and is the usual thing about love I guess. I can’t really tell though, because she is singing in Swedish and I don’t understand a single word of it. ;-)

Anyway, I was VFX Supervisor on set and also the main guy to do the VFX in post. Time was short — as always — so the quality is barely enough for TV but should be bearable for the web. There are 8 greenscreen shots and 7 fire-only shots that we had 5 days to work on.

Take a look:

To get a more high-quality version — or if you don’t see the embedded video above — take a look at this link:

All credits belong to SpinRecords and Fridthjof Film.

Someone from the set also made a nice Flickr slideshow, go check it out.

UPDATE: And of course we also have a making of that comes in two parts (for a commercial break) now.