Solo - a Danish Documentary

Date: 16.May 2007 | Reading Time: 1 minute, 2 seconds

Hello everyone,
I have to make a completely selfish plug for a movie I worked on lately. It is called Solo and is about Jon, the first winner of the Danish Popstars show. I don’t speak a word of Danish — well, at least not enough to fully understand the movie — but the critics seem to love it and it is a big success for us so far.

Me and my team worked on several things, some which made it into the final movie and some which ended up on the cutting floor. We had some nice effects and compositings in there, but the director decided that it is a documentary not an effects movie. A good decision if you ask me, although it is a pity the effects never me it into public.

What is left is a few name removals from signs and some other invisible effects to increase the quality of the material like degraining or resizing and reframing, etc.

We are shipping the DVD which has English subtitles (Yay! I finally can understand what I contributed to!!!) over the company website and through the normal DVD stores beginning of June. So just grab a copy and make the success even bigger, will ya?