New Site

Date: 15.Oct 2014 | Reading Time: 0 minute, 57 seconds

You. Yes, you, the one person that has visited this site in the last year. You will likely not have noticed, but this site is once again looking 100% different again.

I got bit by the CSS bug again a couple of weeks ago, got myself some new books on web design and content strategy and a new writing app and here we are.

The new look is the barest minimum of chrome. I want you to focus on the words on this site. I might not be a great writer or even a good one, but I do appreciate a clean design and the power of words. That’s why I come back to this blog time and time again, even after I have seemingly abandoned it.

This time around I am not only trying post more often (like that worked so well before), but also to link to stuff I find interesting without much ado. That will hopefully to get me to spend more time with the site and motivate me to write longer articles again.