Project Round-Up

Date: 17.May 2006 | Reading Time: 1 minute, 12 seconds

I thought it is time to show a little of the work we have done so far. All videos should play fine in Quicktime player version 7, but might also run in earlier versions, I didn’t test that.

The first project or a thing that is still in development, but is already used in production, Monika and I are developing a template for magazine commercials. This short clip shows a render test I did, which was also used to show off to potential customers.

Car Magazine Test

The next two clips are show two projects we did both last week. The first shows a 3D CD-Cover for the Soccer Worldcup’s theme song Bob Sinclair’s “Love Generation”.

CD Commercial

The second is a remake of the Infernal video “From Paris to Berlin”, which we remade for the Worldcup into “From London to Berlin” with a cartoon caricature of Wayne Rooney of the English top players.
This was a real challenge, because we had to re-create the whole thing without the source materials. We only had the final product in uncompressed quality and a few Maya scene files. Quite a challenge for a one week project. What do you think about it Udo (if you ever see this)?

Music Video “From London to Berlin”

Original Version “From Paris to Berlin”